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Knockout Events Team party Knockout Events Team party Knockout Events Team party
This event is like no other - involving water, foam, inflatables and side splitting fun we guarantee that you won’t forget your event in a hurry. If you are looking for something exciting and unforgettable for your stag do get in contact and book your Knockout Event!

Don't forget - THE PARTY PERSON GOES FREE!!! Cocktail making activities also available - select at checkout and we'll contact you with more information!

You can check out our FAQ’s here.
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The events
Below you will find details of all of our great inflatables available for you and your team to have fun with, the inflatables differ slightly from location to location and are being added to on a regular basis. We can ensure you will have a great time at your Knockout Event and will be back for more!
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Washing Machine
Top Tip: Remember to get the ball into the bucket!
A giant human washing machine that each team member must enter in turn, fight through the foam, collect a ball & get it in the bucket, whilst racing against your opposing team!
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The Bungee Run
Top Tip: Speed is Key!
The foam filled bungee run is our new favourite. Your aim (while tied to a bungee rope) is to get as far down the run as possible and try and get a velcro sack stuck further along than your opponent. The problem? Once you let go, you’ll go flying!
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Top Tip: Keep going untill next person takes over!
Think 'whack-a-mole' but on a huge scale! Battle it out against your opposing team by hitting the batons through to their side. BE QUICK - The team with the most amount of poles on their side after the time limit loses!
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Twin Tunnels
Top Tip: Running and Jumping is Key
Take a deep breath and get on your knees to scramble through the foam filled 30ft long inflatable Twin Tunnels and tumble out the other end.
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Knockout Event Dificulty Image
Knockout Event Dificulty Image
Palmtree Volleyball
Top Tip: Keep the ball in play
The Giant Inflatable Volleyball court is 70’ long and built like a bouncy castle! With huge inflatable palm trees this activity is seriously silly! Inflatable walls and safety netting means you can throw yourself around a bit if you like – the aim of this activity is intense team fun and bonding with a good amount of competition
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Giant Wall
Top Tip: Rapid Fire!
A giant inflatable wall blocks your opponents view, with the aim of the game being to fling as many wet sponges at your opponent as possible. Trust us, you’ll get wet!
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Giant Basketball
Top Tip: Concentration is Key!
Unleash your inner Lebron James! It's simple, all you have to do is get your teams basketball into the hoop! There's only one catch - All of your team have to do it to win!
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Net Crawler
Top Tip: Keep your Head Down!
Sprint and dive (or crawl) along the huge inflatable and back again in order to score a point for your team! WARNING - Stay low and don't get caught on the net just one foot above the bed.
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Obstacle Course
Top Tip: Stay on your feet!
Race your opponent around this labyrinth of tunnels, obstacles and slides to see who emerges the winner.
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Top Tip: Teamwork is Key!
This crazy little game has been around since the 1960's but is still a massive its hit. The game is ideal for getting the team working together and is just as much fun for the spectators as it is for the participants. The race requires skilled timing and teamwork to win the race.
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Spiders Web
Top Tip: Pick your route wisely
Hidden in the trees is a giant bungy web. The whole team have to pass through it without touching the web and alerting the spider! This is a very popular task that involves the whole team working together.
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Top Tip: Keep your knees high!
This one needs some tactics... Are you thinking slow big steps? Quick small steps? Or just huge jumps between the holes? Whatever you do, get across the stepper in the quickest way possible and back again. Watch out for the water!
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Cocktail Party
As an add on to your event we can arrange cocktail making to enhance your day. Our amazing cocktail partners will be your hosts and so provide an awesome atmosphere and handcrafted cocktails. Take a 90-minute guided tour through the dazzling world of mixology and discover expert cocktail making secrets. After a welcome cocktail, your dedicated mixologist will teach you how to combine fresh and fruity ingredients with premium spirits to make the dreamiest flavour combinations, inviting you to each gets hands-on behind the bar to shake and stir your way to the perfect cocktail. You'll even get tasty snacks to enjoy with your drinks. Cheers!


We have put on 100’s of Team Parties for 1000’s of people looking for something a little different, take a look at some of our happy customers below and don't delay in booking your Knockout Event! We look forward to seeing you soon!


We have put on 100’s of Team Events for 1000’s of people looking for something a little different, take a look at some of our happy customers below and don't delay in booking your Knockout Event! We look forward to seeing you soon!

We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before the stated start time in order to get you checked in and health and safety briefed. You can expect plenty of excercise, giant inflatables, lots of water and a lots of foam! Events generally last around 2 hours.

Visit the location page of your choosing and complete the book now form to place your deposit. Alternatively, call us on 0117 911 9878 and we'll do the rest!

We provide drinking water to attendees free of charge but we do not offer catering facilities. Some locations may offer food and drink or have a bar - contact us for more information.

Please wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement. We highly recommend tying hair back and removing jewellery for your comfort and safety. Please also bring a change of clothes as you might get wet! Shoes are not permitted on the inflatables.

You will be moving around and keeping active but you do not need to be a fitness fanatic to take part. Let our staff on site know if you feel you may struggle with any activities and they'll do what they can to help.

Knockout Events is designed for adults, however special requests are under managements discretion. Contact us for more information

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